Bernese Mountain Dog New Owners Manual

Deciding to purchase a purebred puppy to add to your family is an exciting prospect. Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, in particular, are heart-melting cute. However, making hasty decisions about breeders to speed up the process can have regretful consequences. The Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to health issues and has one of the shortest lifespans … Read more

Bernese Mountain Dog Colors


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a well-known breed for many reasons: its protective nature, excellent work ethic, and muscular build, to name just a few. But what sets the Berner apart from other large, furry breeds is their unique coloring. All pure-bred Berners are tricolored, with black, white, and red or rust shades adorning their … Read more

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Watchdogs or Guard Dogs?

bernese mountain dog on guard

The Bernese Mountain Dog will make a good watchdog and may make a good guard dog with the proper training. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed dog that thrives in colder weather, needs plenty of exercises, and is often an affectionate and loyal companion. The popularity of the Bernese Mountain Dog has increased … Read more

Can the Bernese Mountain Dog Handle Hot Weather?

Bernese Mountain Dog in Desert

The Bernese Mountain Dog cannot handle excessively hot weather or heat that will frequently exceed 75℉ (24 Celcius). The breed prefers cold weather as it was originally bred to live and work in Switzerland’s cold and snowy Alps. Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Overheat Easily? Yes, Bernese Mountain dogs do overheat easily. The breed initially emerged … Read more

Bernese Mountain Dog Shedding and How to Minimize It

brushing a Bernese mountain dog to prevent shedding

The Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) makes an excellent addition to any family. BMDs are a loyal, intelligent, and protective breed known to work hard and to love even harder. Whether running around the yard with the kids, snuggling up on the couch, or accompanying the family on a long outdoor hike, these beautiful dogs are … Read more

How To Take Care of a Bernese Mountain Dog

How to Groom a Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very beautiful dog with a very colorful coat. Grooming a Bernese dog not only makes the dog very beautiful, but also keeps the dog in good health. Grooming also provides the Bernese Mountain dog and its owner quality time for bonding. A … Read more

How Much Should Bernese Mountain Dog Weigh? Bernese Mountain Dog Weight Calculator.

Updated on Mar 08, 2023 Bernese Mountain Dog Growth Quick Links: Table of Contents Bernese Mountain Dog Growth Bernese Mountain Dog Weight and Growth Chart When do Bernese Mountain Dogs Stop Growing and How Big Do They Get? Bernese Mountain Dog Growth Calculator How Much Should a Bernese Mountain Dog Weigh? What is the Height … Read more